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Acapulco Chair

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Acapulco - like staccato serenading; the very mention of it conjures up a reverie of the glamour, bright colours and breezy insouciance of the 1950's blinging jet-set: Hollywood heartthrobs and heady-scented starlets who flocked to the 'it' holiday destination for the first Tequila sunsets. The rat pack vacationed there, Liz Taylor got married (again) there, and Jackie and John Kennedy honeymooned there. And at some point during that era, someone designed the Acapulco chair. Constructed from lightweight steel and plastic, many believe the chair is based on the Mayan hammock weaving but the design and its designer continues to remain anonymous to this day.

One fable is that it was a French tourist, afflicted by his heated discomfort in a solid-constructed chair in the Mexican sun, took immediate inspiration from said Mayan hammocks to design the ventilated masterpiece we know today. Of course a Frenchman would take such credit...but in Gallic gratitude, there were a hell lot less sweaty derrières lounging on Acapulco beach that summer...

Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 6:30 pm
acapulco chair

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